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Profitable Property Partnerships delivering positive outcomes to meet your financial goals.

Frustrated watching your precious savings or capital steadily depreciate in the bank?

Know that property is the best wealth-building asset but not sure how to start?

Lack of time & focus preventing you from investing in property the right way?

Let us help! We'll build you enviable financial results through smart property investing.

Our Four Investment Solutions Specifically Formulated to:

1. Buy to Sell

Largest possible return on your capital in fixed time frames.
Return On Investment is high & generates larger capital sums Pre-determined exit of under 2 years
Larger capital investment equals higher Return On Investment
We execute all the work start to finish
We source, refurbish, refinance, rent & sell
We do the toiling & you, the reclining
Proving popular with high net-worth individuals, business angels & company directors wanting great returns on their investments
• Six months to two year investment programme
• Best suited to larger sums of capital
• You get all your initial investment capital back
• Full access to our Power Team
• Ideal for residential flips, commercial conversions and land development projects
You invest the money, we do the work

2. Savings Accelerator

Passive yet secure and guaranteed return on your money.
Guaranteed % return on your capital
Minimum time commitment just 1 year
Makes your money work hard for you
Produces excellent results year on year
Most common and flexible strategy
Quick results minus a long commitment

3. Portfolio Builder

Involvement in the decision making process minus the hard work.
Return On Investment is a mix of capital growth & rental yield
Minimum time commitment just 3 years
Establish, realise longer portfolio goals
We undertake all the work, start to finish
We We source, refurbish, refinance, rent & sell
You sit back, relax & enjoy the benefits For building a large property portfolio using only an initial deposit, recycled to buy subsequent properties

• Long term relationship with HPW
• You have a role in the decision making process if you wish
• You invest the money, we do the work
• Long term wealth creation
• We source, refurb, finance, let and/or re-sell the property
• Your initial deposit is recycled to buy multiple property

4. The Complete Sourcing Solution

The Complete Sourcing Solution is perfect for anyone who’s short of time or inexperienced in property development.
• We source properties based on your aspirations and goals
• You pay us to find your property
• We use our networks to find you the perfect deal
• We find the property within 60 days or the activation fee back
• Property is purchased in your name or LTD company
• We can manage the property if you buy to rent
• A great way to build your own fortune

Why Invest in UK Property?

Why should you invest in UK property in 2022? As one of the most popular markets in the world, property investment in the UK remains a clear opportunity to build long-term returns.
With property forecasts suggesting the UK could see prices grow by 21.5% by 2025, UK investing remains a reliable channel for maximising returns amidst low interest rates and incredible demand.

Why Partner with us?

We believe in partnerships.
We are not looking for “clients” or “customers” but for partners.
We believe in long-term relationships that bring value to both parties.
We believe in win-wins.
We are ROI Focused
Partnerships are long term relationships built on mutual trust, loyalty and understanding. It’s how we like to do business.

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